Stay Safe Through Any Storm

Prepare for disaster with a hurricane shelter in or around Fayetteville, NC

Homeowners in Fayetteville, NC and the surrounding areas are no strangers to hurricane season. While many people think of the coast when hurricanes strike, the Sandhills can get hit just as hard. You want to keep your family safe during storms. That's why you need a hurricane shelter built by Mason King Enterprises LTD.

We use the best possible materials in every hurricane shelter design. Our finished shelters can withstand winds as fast as 140 MPH. You won't have to worry about an unexpected storm anymore. Schedule a free consultation with our team in Fayetteville, NC or one of the surrounding areas today.

Plan for any emergency

Plan for any emergency

At Mason King Enterprises LTD., we focus on top-quality hurricane shelter design. Our shelters aren't just durable, they're made to serve as multi-purpose safe rooms. You can equip them with disaster supplies, tools or anything else you might need in an emergency. We build them from the ground up, so you can add special features like built-in shelves.

Not sure if you need a hurricane shelter? Ask us now when you call 888-653-5833. We'll also give you a free estimate before we start working.